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3 Steps to Clear Skin :
Use the right topical
products with the right

Reduce toxic load on
your skin,

Provide best nutrients to
promote healthy, clear
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The information on this site should not be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace the advice of a qualified
doctor or dermatologist. Moderate to severe acne suffers should first seek professional medical advice on their particular acne
condition and symptoms before starting any acne treatment regimen.
Exposed Skin Care
Use the right products with the best active ingredients.
Reduce the toxic load on your skin
3 Steps to Clear and Clean, Acne Free Skin
Ensure your skin is getting the right nutrients and getting less of the “garbage”
found in our processed foods that contribute to our “toxic load”. For a listing of
the best nutrients / ingredients for optimal skin care please refer to the natural
ingredients section of the best ingredients page. A listing of recommended skin
care supplements can be found in the recommended products section of the
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Feed your body the best nutrients for optimal skin health
To get rid of acne in the quest for clear skin it is certainly important to use the best face
wash or facial cleanser for your paricular acne symptoms and preferred approach (natural
ingredients vs science ingredients). Those wishing to get rid of pimples or blackheads on
a more effective and permanent basis might find better success if the symptoms were
addressed from both the inside and the outside. The
3 Steps for Clear Skin presents an
approach to tackle acne symptoms from both angles, addressing both the
symptoms and
triggers of acne outbreaks.
We know that acne is generally characterized by an
increase in the skin’s oil (sebum) production in
combination with blocked pores and excessive
bacterial growth. This can lead to localized
inflammations and infections, blackheads as well as
whiteheads or pimples. The symptoms can be
initiated or aggravated by body hormones, diet, the
environment, body chemistry, nutrition as well as the
body’s overall toxic load.

Most people end up believing that you need only use
the best face wash or facial cleanser to get rid of
acne pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and spots.
However, many people are discovering that acne treatments that focus only on cleaning
the skin may not adequately address all acne symptoms because they only tackle the
problem from the outside. All of the facial cleanser in the world won’t help the skin if it is
reacting to a toxic overload on the body or a diet that does not contain the nutrients
required for healthy skin.
Use the right topical skin care products with the right ingredients for your
particular acne symptoms. The most popular facial cleanser may not be the
best face wash for you. Understand the ingredients used in your acne products
and make informed product choices. Whether you prefer traditional
formulations, natural ingredients or a blend of both should be a factor in your
decision. See which top rated acne treatment systems fit your preferences
and approach.
Reduce the body’s overall toxic load. There are a variety of cleansing products
and techniques available. You can make your own at home or go with a trusted
internal cleanse product. Remember that with all cleansing routines it is
imperative that water consumption be increased. Like they say “you can’t
clean without water”!
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